Contrary to popular belief, Anxiety is NOT about being overloaded with mental noise.

What it really is, is the constant lies we tell — to ourselves and to others. All the Should Do’s, Would Do’s, Might Do’s, Could Do’s. Saying ‘yes’ when you really mean ‘no’. Being inauthentic. This creates the mental noise and the stress within the mind and the body.

Anxiety has become the buzz word in our world right now — neural hijackings, anxiety disorders, phobias, obsessions and compulsions, panic attacks. In all of these conditions the common denominator is WORRY run amok. The imagination then begins to catastrophize worst-case scenarios, locking you in panic.

We have a proven NLP technique for directing and focusing your mind and imagination to overcome your anxiety in any situation, so you can take control of your life again.
Sessions are up to 90 minutes.
$220 inc GST.
Seniors and disabilty pensioners $125 inc GST.
*Children up to 18 years $110 inc GST 

Why would you want to live your life stuck in this mindfield.
What could you life be like without Stress or anxiety?
How much better would your life be without Stress or Anxiety?

What If All You Need To Do is...


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