Grief Hypnosis

Overwhelming sadness or grief is a natural emotion when tragedy or the loss of a loved one happens to you, including pets. 

That’s the emotional part of grief. When you notice that people are angry, upset, depressed or filled with fear, know that they are experiencing some form of grief. In fact, what we now know to be true is what you are truly experiencing is a ‘grievance’ — anger and sorrow at the same time. At Marciniak House, we really address the root emotions, at the core, which gives you the opportunity to release the mental images as well.

One way hypnotherapy can be used to assist an individual suffering from chronic grief is to complete their unfinished business with the deceased. Hypnotherapy allows the person to safely relive historical events with the now-deceased loved one through age regression imaginative involvement, and to constructively change any memories that are interfering with healthy current involvement in life. For example, if the client is obsessing over their failure to be present at the moment of death, the therapist might facilitate a creative visualization within the state of hypnosis in which the client is present at the deathbed and has an opportunity to say everything that needs to be said.

Often people who are experiencing chronic grief do not even realize that is what is going on because they are in a state of sympathetic or parasympathetic shock. Those that are in sympathetic shock become work-a-holics, focusing on a million irrelevant details, frantically running around and keeping busy in order to not feel the loss and the deep pain. People that are in parasympathetic shock have completely numbed out by either sleeping a lot, being depressed and hiding in bed, or using food or alcohol to shove down their deep grief.

As children many of us were told not to cry since that would indicate we were still a baby. Boys especially have gotten this message and I have worked with men who haven’t cried for 30 years or more. One man told me he hadn’t cried since he was a small boy, not even when his parents died. The result of holding in these feelings for him was chronic hypertension and severe cardiac problems. In other words, his heart was hurting him, even “attacking” him, due to the deep grief he was attempting to deny.

Often we find that complicated bereavement or chronic grief results from previous unmourned deaths or losses that are triggered or activated by a current loss. Relief is relatively immediate when through hypnotherapy and age regression the archaic unfinished business of these old losses are allowed to come to consciousness, and to be cathartically released.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes.

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