Intention Vs Action

Published on July 24, 2016
Many people who are not succeeding at life have an unknown disease called "Intention." The problem with this experience is that nothing really happens, people spin their wheels, are stuck in procrastination or worse yet overwhelmed.We here at Marciniak House have seen many people with intentions to book in, or come and do something about their life. Yet here you are reading this and wondering what could James and Robyn do for me really?

Then we have those who have taken action with their lives jumped on our couch and said "Right I have had enough of my problems and inability to move forward with my life how can you assist me moving forward?"

Neuro Linguistic Programming is all about words their original meaning and how they affect us as beings.
The original meaning of two words below will give you an insight as to why you are stuck.
Intention: "intent, purpose, aspiration; will; thought" no better than wishing or creating a promise that you will never keep.

Action: "a putting in motion; a performing, doing," how you manifest creation. A determination to keep your word and creating a statement that is undeniable about your person.

I know that you have people who have said "I had that idea, I'll go to the gym tomorrow" or better yet "I have every intention in the world to make this happen.." Sadly nothing ever changes for these people. One day I will ...

And then you have met or know of Action people, they are there at the gym at dark windy cold outside, have worked two job to pay for their education, they are your boss at a small business.
Today is the day I make this happen..

If its your intention to visit us and change your life it will never happen. 
Should you take action and contact us to inquire as to how we may help you, that action to create a manifestation of something more than what you have.


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