At its most simple, hypnosis is a tool for negotiating with the unconscious mind of a person.

When you can do this, you suddenly get access to the treasure trove of resources that lie dormant inside the mind: physical healing accelerates, intellectual blocks dissolve, moments of genius & insight arise that can change the world and emotional wounds disappear.

Through hypnosis people have become healthier, happier, stronger, better, kinder, smarter, wealthier...the case for hypnosis is so strong that we're often baffled why these things are not taught to our kids at school.

If kids were taught hypnosis we'd have happier, better adjusted and more successful human adults that would come out of the school system as a result...

...and what society doesn't want to have more happy, stable and successful people living in it!?!

However, the critics of hypnosis DO make ONE important point: hypnosis is a powerful tool that could be abused - just like a hammer, a knife or even a car are tools that can be abused by people.

A poorly trained, yet well meaning hypnotist could accidentally activate an old hurt or trauma, and effectively re-traumatize that person. Then again a bad driver can kill a pedestrian - it is GOOD TRAINING that makes the difference!

But lets also take the critics idea to an extreme: hypnosis as a tool COULD be used to exploit and harm the vulnerable under certain circumstances.

This would be no different to a psychopath using a car to harm the public by driving into a crowded place. In these cases the EVIL does NOT lie in the tool, but in the ABUSE of the tool by a person.

And there are laws against that sort of thing for a reason. Fraud is fraud, whether the fraudster used hypnosis or lies to commit his crime.

The same is true of ANY other scenario that you could come up with. It is never the tool that is evil, it is the way that the tool was used.

Neither a medical license nor a PhD in psychology will ensure that a person won't abuse their knowledge.

At Marciniak House we view Hypnosis as yet another tool that is of great value to society and one that everyone should have the right to learn and use.

However we also recognize that some individuals could, under certain circumstance, abuse this tool. This is why we make a point to emphasize the ethical uses of hypnosis.

All of our hypnotherapy programs are designed to solve problems rather than create more and include important discussions on ethical issues that each person will have to wrestle with.

This is also true of our Conversational Hypnosis programs for ethical influence: every method of influence has built in safeguards (like the H+ principle) that ensure the tools are used properly and for the general well being of the hypnotist AND the subjects.

When it comes to the application of hypnosis, we specialize in methods that ensure as much as possible that the hypnotist always has the subject's best interests at heart throughout the interaction.

For example: great salesmen don't sell at any cost, they guide their clients towards products or services that actually HELP them in their lives (which is crucial to any business that wishes to KEEP its customers!).

Great parents don't try and force their kids to do everything they themselves failed at, just so they can live vicariously through the successes of their children, instead they nurture their children and encourage the twin sparks of interest & talent so that they can grow up to be their own people and step into their own greatness.

Great managers or leaders don't lead their employees or communities over the nearest cliff, they share a vision that is so compelling to everyone that they can actually ACHIEVE IT and live in a better world as a result!

This is the role that we see hypnosis, and especially Conversational Hypnosis, playing in our lives today.

This is also the reason why there are certain applications of hypnosis that we will NEVER EVER teach.

We will never teach (or publish anything on) the use of hypnosis in interrogations, because that's a slippery slope that could all too easily end up in it being applied with torture.

We will never teach (or publish anything on) the methods that have used hypnosis as part of a larger brainwashing program, because we believe that there is NO justification for ever taking away a person's right to determine their own path in life.

And we will never teach (or publish anything on) using certain hypnosis "dark arts". These "dark arts" install destructive patterns of behavior in others as a manipulation mechanism. Anything unethical of that nature we will have NOTHING TO DO WITH.

All of us at Marciniak House believe in Hypnosis as a Force for Good. We believe that hypnosis can be used in everyday life to dissolve the fears, prejudices, mental blocks and other barriers that create so much trouble and strife in the world.

We believe that it is a tool that can improve our family lives, our local communities as well as the societies that we live in.

We believe that EVERYONE is entitled to learn the ethical uses of hypnosis and apply it with respect in their own lives.

We believe that restricting the use of hypnosis to a handful of elitists is a disgraceful proposition.

We believe that a world with well educated hypnotists from EVERY walk of life in it is a richer, healthier and better world to live in than the alternative.

And we fervently hope that as you join us on your journey of discovery and acquire the power of hypnosis for yourself, that you will come to share in those beliefs and will join the thousands of students that have gone before you in paying it forward and making this world a better place, one hypnotic trance at a time!


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