Many people believe we need to fight or overcome our inner critics, or just ignore them and “think positive.” This simply does not work, and the truth is that what does work is much easier. When we understand how to uncover the hidden positive purpose of our inner negative self-talk, we can transform our inner critics into supportive allies that will be here for us for the rest of our lives.

The more you fight the noise the louder it becomes.

The more you ignore the noise the more pronounced it becomes.

The more you use "Postive thoughts" the bigger the critic becomes.

Finally your health drops and drops to a point where you have to rest or for some people hospitalized.

(For the purposes of this article you are well, happy and healthy.)


And then we have those who use their negative self talk to propel them through life with the attitude of "I am very determined, I'll prove you wrong!"

This negative self talk is not you and never has been you!

It is all the values, beliefs and environment you have been in through out your life.

How we can serve you best with your self talk here at Marciniak House is to put it to rest once and for all with Mental and Emotional Release®


All thought originated as an emotion, so let us allow you to float up above your time line way back into the past and get the higher learnings so as you come back to now your unconscious mind and conscious mind can begin to work together and not fight each other.

What would serve you better a life full of negative self talk trying to wrap it all up in positive quotes OR really clean house with unwanted irrational negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs so you are truly Pono.



All you need to do is...





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