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Accelerate your journey to success
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a proven and potent method for achieving what you want in life, a mental discipline. And there is no better small business through which to experience that power, motivation and personal evolution than Marciniak House.

Now is the time to move your learning to the next level with our world renowned Accelerated NLP Practitioner Certification Course – the proven way to fulfil your true potential and achieve real happiness, love, confidence and all the other riches life has to offer you.


In just 7 days, you will learn the skills you need to understand the relationship between mind, body emotions and actions. And most importantly how to use that understanding to implement true change and create the life you really want.

Four Certifications. One Amazing Experience

Over the 7 day course you will be immersed in four certifications and actions to determine your own destiny. Over the 7 day Immersion in a new awareness you will cover four certifications to help you transform not just your own life, but also the lives of those around you.


1.NLP Practitioner Certification
Neuro Linguistic Programming is the most practical, results-driven method there is for detecting, understanding and controlling our conscious and unconscious thinking. We will show you how to harness the power of NLP and apply it to yourself and others – individually, in business and as a coach.


What You Will Learn During the Course

  • Understand the basis of NLP – principles and starting points.
  • Discover fundamentals beliefs to empower Mind Mastery, not Mind slavery.
  • Identify and take control of the intricate connections between your mind, emotions and behaviour.
  • Understand how you learn, communicate, change and Evolve.


Topics you will cover

  • Rapport – how to create instant liking and agreement.
  • Representational systems – how we use our five senses to represent information from the world internally.
  • Submodalities – the secret programming of your mind.
  • Language patterns – the words you use to demonstrate your intellectual attributes and personal characteristics.
  • Anchoring – how to control your feelings and your state of mind.
  • Strategies – how to control your feelings and your state of mind.
  • Parts – how to detect and stop inner conflicts.


How you can use what you learn

Use your NLP applications across:

All modes of business, HR, Meetings, Sales, and communication

Learning and educational coaching

Business and personal coaching

Personal growth and self development

Performance enhancement, Personal Trainers

Relationship coaching.


2. Time Line Therapy® (Mental and Emotional Release™) Practitioner certification

Dr Matt James is the creator of these amazing techniques, so you’re getting your certification direct from the source. Topics covered are:

  • Gain total control of your life
  • Move through your and others internal blocks.
  • Eliminate unwarranted, irrational emotions, beliefs and decisions.
  • Make the Right decisions with assurance.
  • Discover what really matters to you.
  • Get motivated and Remain motivated.
  • Create the future you really want
  • Understand your own internal time machine so you can create and enhance your future.
  • Use S-M-A-R-T-E-R criteria for making your goals come true.
  • Learn how to visualise your future so it’s more compelling, motivations and exciting for you.

3. Hypnosis Certification

As part of your Training you will learn Hypnosis from true authorities on the subject James and Robyn. You will be introduced to Dr Tad James’ best selling book Hypnosis, a comprehensive guide.

You will learn Ericksonian indirect Permissive Hypnosis so that you can increase your results with the largest number of clients. Which means that you will be able to change minds and enhance lives.

4. NLP Coach Certification

Coaching of any kind Business, educational. Performance enhancement, relationship. Is the fastest-growing industry on the planet and a very rewarding industry. Utilising all your skills in NLP, MERtm and hypnosis you will have a prestigious NLP certification that will enhance your life and that of your clients.


And really take your life to a whole new level.

(I have a lavish steady dependable income consistent with integrity. I’m mutually better.)

  • Find out what Neuro Linguistic Programming is
  • Learn different ways to use language to get you point of view across
  • How to achieve your goals
  • Find out how to get people to like you faster without pressure
  • Learn how to read people by just looking at their eyes
  • Use and master techniques that can help you stop behaviours that do not serve you any more
  • Milton and Meta model of language
  • Learn how to tell stories with meaning hidden within its lines
  • Help people creates states that are resourceful and beneficial
  • Learn how to change strategies to learn more easily and spell more efficiently
  • Utilise sales techniques like a pro
  • Help to resolve past issues using up-to-date techniques used all over the world
  • Learn more advances hypnosis ideas and techniques
  • Testing required to pass


Our Guarantee

We believe that student satisfaction is vital, if at any time prior to the end of the training you should become dissatisfied with the Training and not after the completion of the Training, simply inform the instructor and we will refund your entire enrolment fee minus deposit.


Life Time Support

We provide lifetime support with any purchase of product and on any training, you take with us. If at any time before, during or after your course, you have a question or need some help, we’ll be there for you.


Get Started Today

To get started straight away, we will send you your hypnosis introductory kit as soon as you sign up. You’re sure to find it stimulating and enlightening, and you will begin to see just how the excellence of your seminars and courses has made Marciniak House an exciting place to learn. So, do choose to take your life to the next level today, and experience this seminar with Marciniak House.

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