Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can take many forms — cleanliness/order, counting/hoarding, safety/checking, sexual issues, or religious/moral issues.

People who have OCD, whether it’s mild or extreme, can appreciate that what they are doing is ridiculous and detrimental to their own being. It’s stressful and upsetting. They know it’s affecting their life and their relationships, but they find it impossible to stop.

At Marciniak House, we offer you a safe and professional space to address your compulsion. We utilize a NLP technique called Compulsion Blowout to relieve and in some instances remove the compulsion altogether. The mind that created the problem also holds the solution, when properly accessed.

Examples of Compulsions

Common compulsions include excessive cleaning (e.g., ritualized hand washing); checking, ordering, and arranging rituals; counting; repeating routine activities (e.g., going in/out of a doorway) and hoarding (e.g., collecting useless items). While most compulsions are observable behaviors (e.g., hand washing), some are performed as unobservable mental rituals (e.g., silent recitation of nonsense words to vanquish a horrific image).

Hypnotherapy aims to change the clients thinking so that they can take control of their OCD. This is very significant, as many OCD sufferers feel that they are being controlled by OCD. In this sense, hypnotherapy can be seen as a psychological treatment for OCD. It can help to make the distinction between what OCD sufferers feel is true (for example, the oven has been left on, or my hands are contaminated) and what is actually true (for example, the oven is off, my hands are clean and not contaminated). This can be done in two ways. Firstly, hypnotherapy can encourage sufferers to consciously think in a different way. Secondly, it can change their thoughts and feelings on an unconscious level. Both of these can help sufferers of OCD to take control of their OCD. 

Practical help now

Practical help is given to help educate your mind to be able to bring control to your thoughts and feelings, whilst maintaining and enhancing your ability to focus on all the positive aspects that knowing the person brought to your life.

How long will the treatment take?

Depending upon the emotional state of the client, the average number of hour-long sessions to for the treatment of OCD is 2 – 3 sessions.

Cost per session $250 inc GST Sessions are up to 90 minutes.
Children welcome

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