Only just surviving

Published on December 18, 2016

One of the intriguing things about owning a business is surviving. With this one statement I am alluding to many differences within business: you personally, your groups and the external presence.

What is surviving anyway?

Hoping and praying that clientele will appear at your door everyday so that you can exchange goods and/or services for money that you rightly deserve so that you have cash flow. Are you only just surving?

Your business is invariably linked to your mindest, psyche and essence. No one else can motivate you more than your own mind. As you begin to slip from the abundant mind to the surviving mind which is where you are right now and the business that you have created is also moving from abundant to just surviving where are you heading to now?

The steel mind is one that has no doors and allows all thoughts even those of others to just float on through never sticking to the walls, floor or ceiling. My first client for coaching decided enough was enough that he wasn't going to listen to anyone else advice or opinions about medication, weight loss or quit smoking. He decided firstly that he needed a steel mind where nothing was going to stick except his vision of a happy healthy lifestyle, even from himself.

Victim, surviving or getting by is all the same mindset, DEFAULT. You were meant for greatness not just survivng, getting by or even being a victim. Your business is ensuring that you are here today and better tomorrow so that next year you are more than what you thought of yourself in your imagination.

So I ask you are you just surviving or are you brave enough to contact.






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