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I bet if you’re reading this you’ve tried to quit smoking many times.

Struggling to Quit Smoking? We Have a 90% Success Rate

Do you find that you have a good grip on most aspects of your life like eating healthy, going to the gym but just need to get a grip on Lighting up?
Are you Terrified of the withdrawal symptoms?
Have you been told, “It won't be easy!" NOT TRUE! At Least IT DOES NOT, have to be TRUE for YOU!
Learn how and why you crave a smoke, the mind-body connections and how to overcome it, quickly but step by step. So what's stopping you from Quitting?

Let's Face it!
The withdrawal symptoms, have most of us, terrified! It can be pretty ugly, when you get that crazy, uncontrollable, “I’m gonna jump out of my skin feeling”. Withdrawing all nicotine from your system, all of a sudden one bright day will do that to most of us. Let me tell you WHY and Let me tell HOW you can be the exception to that rule.

We Have a 90% Success Rate With Our Clients

In one study where hypnosis was used to help subjects stop smoking, 90% of participants successfully quit.

There are truckloads of studies that back it all up too.

For instance, Drs. Elkins and Rajab did a study on the potential for hypnosis to help people stop smoking.

30 smokers were referred to the study by their physicians.

After an initial consultation, 21 of these came back to try hypnosis.

Following a 3-session hypnosis program, 81% had managed to stop smoking. And almost half of these said they were still not smoking a year later.

In another study, hypnosis was integrated with a Rapid Smoking treatment protocol.

Of the 43 participants, 39 stopped smoking.

That’s more than 90%.

And they were still not smoking when followed up at intervals of 6 months and 3 years.

With results like these, it’s easy to see why hypnotherapy is quickly becoming a mainstream option.

How Hypnosis Aids in Ending the Relationsip with Tobacco

In the beginnning there was a benefit or a payoff for smoking. And now there is not.
Using your Unconscious mind is in a state of trance where your conscious mind is bypassed for the duration of the session. Old commands/suggestions such as "I need a smoke, You stress me out, I just need a smoke" that the smoker would say to themselves are repealed and replaced with "I'm so relaxed right now, I love having a lung full of fresh air, My mind and I are at peace, I'll just go outside for an AIR Break."

Where we differ from our colleagues in this area of hypnosis is that being an EX-SMOKER myself I can tell you smoking is not addictive, its the Tobacco! I have you quit Tobacco, all forms all shapes. As many clients have switched brands or moved strengths and then said Hypnosis doesn't work. When in actuality the root cause and the triggers is Tobacco. The Sight, The Smell, The Feeling, and the Thought.

I assist you in removing the root cause of the reason to smoke and use tobacco, the value that you have of it, your identity as a smoker and your attitude about being a smoker, which in turn changes your reality of being a permanent non smoker for life.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes. $220 inc GST Seniors and disabilty pensioners $125 inc GST.
No triggers, no peer presure, just a life without tobacco better than cold turkey. 



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