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Are you feeling like you’re at the end of your tether in your relationship? Would you like to better understand what’s going on? Are you thinking about Marriage Counselling because you just don’t know what to do or where else to go? You are not alone.

There are many couples out there that are in similar situations, and, just like you, they might be confused with all the different methods that are available out there.

We help you create your own resources

Here at Marciniak House, we help you create your own resources that work in your relationship. We promote a cohesive and collective way of learning about yourself and your partner. Our program shows you how to heal the past and show you how to move forward in your relationship in a way that promotes growth and balance within the home.

Together to balance each other

Our philosophy is that husband and wife are not created equal. But rather, they are together to balance each other in strengths and attributes that they each bring to the relationship. Control and power plays have no place in a healthy relationship. We want to see happy couples in the world showing our future generations what a caring, respectful, loving mum and dad look and behave like. This is the beginning of change for a better future for all of us.

How we’re different from traditional marriage counsellors

Firstly, we are not counsellors, we are coaches. We are here to coach you and push you to grow into the couple you want to be. We use the techniques that are described throughout our website and much more. We know they work because we’ve used them on ourselves. They have totally transformed our relationship from one of pain and confusion to love and acceptance.


Values are high-level generalizations that describe what is most important to you, as an individual. Our individual values provide the primary motivating force behind our actions. They also dictate how we feel about our actions — good or bad, right or wrong.

Different hierarchies

Values are arranged in a hierarchy, with the highest priority at the top. We all have vastly different models of the Universe (an internal process of how our reality is reflected back at us) and our values are interrelated with our individual models of the world.

Our most unconscious filter

Values are our most unconscious filter — which is where the problems begin. If there is a conflict when we communicate with ourselves or someone else, it will probably be due to a values misalignment. At Marciniak House, we work with you to uncover your hidden values as individuals, in order to help create better understanding and better communication.

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Practical help now

Practical help is given to help educate your mind to be able to bring control to your thoughts and feelings, whilst maintaining and enhancing your ability to focus on all the positive aspects that knowing the person brought to your life.

How long will the program take?

Depending upon the emotional state of the client and the willingness to change, the average number of hour-long sessions to for the integration of the couple is 21 sessions.

Grow together, Love Together, Evolve Together
End the bickering and hostility today, we are here to help you...



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Mental and Emotional Release™

We all have our ‘gestalts’ of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, happiness, love, gratitude, joy and so on.

A gestalt is an amalgamation of what we label our emotions as, under one umbrella — which is very confusing especially to your emotional and mental state. For example, when you say ‘anger’ the emotion may bring up within itself frustration, rage, sadness, joy. So how does this happen?

It happens when we get stuck processing emotions as we did when we were very young. It’s not until you have created an intellectual connection to an emotional connection — usually between the age of 7-10, to clearly define in childhood the nature of emotional intelligence.

This is something we get stuck in as children, bundling together many emotions. It’s not until the age of 7-10 that we become able to create an intellectual connection to an emotion… The danger of hanging onto emotion. Now you have the ability to ‘Let Go’ of those unwarranted and irrational emotions that have been with you since childhood so that you can grow with maturity.

Without the proper clarification of what that specific emotion means to you, there can be quite a lot of confusion as to how long you should hold onto any emotion — normally no longer than 48 hours. After that time the emotion becomes a mood (a week to a month) then a mood becomes a temperament (one month to six months) and then it will become a personality trait.

Irrational emotions and limiting beliefs can be resolved using proven techniques which were created by Doctor Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall, and then further developed by Dr Matt James. At Marciniak House, we can teach you this technique so you can untangle past emotions and remove, unwanted and irrational anger or hurt for your partner or yourself.





This ancient Hawai’ian process of forgiveness is one of the tools we use here at Marciniak House to help you and your partner. Ho’o means ‘to make’ and pono means ‘right’. Said twice, ho’oponopono is to make is doubly so.

This teaching of Ho’oponopono came to us from Dr Matt James, and Papa Bray and originated with Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Morrnah was recognized as a kahuna lapaʻau (spiritual healer) and honoured as a Living Treasure in Hawaii. She spent many years of her life teaching her updated version of hoʻoponopono throughout the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Because sometimes, saying sorry just isn’t enough.

There are times in our lives that we need to forgive to move forward but saying sorry just isn’t enough. Through this meditative process, shared as a group or individually, you will feel a profound change within yourself and that of other people that you have crossed paths with throughout your entire life.

You can be right or you can forgive to move forward and for you, as an individual or a couple, we offer this service to enhance what is the best part of your life — a loving and harmonious connection.






Whatever that highest, truest expression of you is, it requires you
to say an unequivocal “YES!” and commit to bringing it forth.

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