Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Relationship Hypnosis

Selena Gomez Still Haunted By Justin Bieber: Friends Urge Her to Try Hypnosis

Original Artical HollyWood Life by Emy LaCroix

“She still has dreams about him all the time,” a source told HollywoodLife “She’ll wake up and be depressed all day because of it. She wants to meet someone new and fall in love but her attachment to Justin is making it very hard to move on.” 

After a short paraphrased article from Emy where she showed her failed misunderstanding of what hypnosis is and how hypnotherapy helps all individuals remove unconscious beliefs about fears, phobias, emotional trauma, people and places that I know that I can help you move past relationships that are long in the past or just recent. We know that your life is so very important and that its not haunted by pain from the past.

As you can see from this next paragraph Selena's friends understand the importance of hypnosis and hypnotherapy to assist her overcomeing her issues with Justin Bieber...
“One of her friends is even pushing Selena to try hypnosis to see if she can get past this once and for all.” Wow! We guess desperate times call for desperate measures, but Selena doesn’t seem to be THAT obsessed with Justin. Any girl is going to get worked up seeing their ex with someone new, and we know how much Selena cares about fans. We doubt there’s any hypnosis deep enough to undo all of those hard-wired feelings, but if she decides to go for it we hope it works." 

Emy LaCroix your challenge is accepted I kow I can turn Selena's unconscious in the right direction, just like we can for you friend.
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