Sexual Dysfunction

As adults one of the greatest pleasures is to satisfy our partner in a very intimate manner, sometimes there are some mental and psychosomatic issues that stop us from enjoying sex.
A big part of hypnosis is its ability to help people relax on their way into a trance state. Since stress can be a contributing factor in so many health issues, including problems such as sexual dysfunction, it makes sense that hypnosis can be used to help treat those issues.

This can be achieved using focused awareness, deep breathing and visualization. Sometimes there are psychological issues causing the problem, issues perhaps relating to a previously bad experience.

Hypnosis can help by taking someone back to the experience and releasing it, helping to lift the pain, shame or anxiety that’s getting in the way of a healthy sex life.

Sessions are up to 90 minutes. $220 inc GST Seniors and disabilty pensioners $125 inc GST.

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