STOP Following Guru's

Published on January 22, 2017

**Controversy Warning**

By Craig Sigl

We all know there is a huge gap between the mindset of highly successful people and the average person, right? No mystery there.

Given that, go ahead and look up quotes from famous people and you can find tons of sayings like: "You just have to find your bigger why" and "Embrace failures as learning experiences" and "Keep your focus on your goals" blah blah blah.

And so it seems that we should take that kind of advice from people who have made it to the heights of their career and do what they say, right?


Those people are not you. Those people did not have the same upbringing and circumstances as you. Those people have different ways of processing the world than you that is part nature and part nurture. I could go on and on about the differences and yet, we fall into the trap of being so simplistic to think that if I just adopt what that person is saying out loud, then I will get there too.

So here's where the problem comes in. When you attempt to, let's say, "embrace your failure" as you are told, and no matter how many times you tell yourself that failure is good, your body still reacts with nervousness, tightness, paralysis, procrastination, etc whenever you attempt to do that new or important thing that involves the risk of "failure."

And what happens is, you not only start thinking of yourself a "failure" because you didn't achieve that thing you wanted to do, but worse, you now think you're a double failure because you couldn't implement Mr. Guru's advice to "embrace failure."

Bottom line advice here...

Ignore the gurus and the cliche quotes about success. Instead, focus entirely on clearing your fears. Go to the core of what created and is still causing the triggering of those fears holding you back. Find somebody to assist you if you don't know how. You must do the work at the level of the unconscious mind if you want to really have an effect on your performance in anything.

Performance = Potential - Interference.

90% of your interference is Fear.





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