James and Robyn Marciniak
- a husband and wife team in Adelaide, South Australia

We have both been studying and working in this field of NLP and Hypnosis since 2013 and have gone from clients to trainers. We’ve found that we are radical thinkers when it comes to personal change. We help individuals, couples and business owners and we’d love to help you. But we don’t like the idea of keeping you as our client forever. We value you as a human being with thoughts, feelings and emotions. We want to teach you the skills to succeed.

Rest assured — whatever issue or issues you are experiencing in your life are issues that we have personally experienced ourselves. Anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, depression & anxiety. Limiting beliefs about yourself.

An unusual love story with many challenges

As teenage first loves, we had a child together, then went separate ways, had other relationships, then came back together again almost 20 years later, determined to find a way to make things work. We’d each started our own self-improvement journey, found in each other a kindred spirit, immersed ourselves in NLP and hypnosis learning together and came out the other side completely different people. We were happily married in 2012 and are passionately committed to using our own life experiences and our training to help others.

How we work differently to other coaches

What you need to know about coming to see us is that we work with the context of your problem (the strategy) and never the content (all the STUFF that has happened). We don’t believe that sharing and expressing your trauma continually is healthy or healing. Working with us means you never have to go into any detail about what has happened.

World class techniques

As professional coaches, we collaborate with you to overcome your past, to enhance your present so that you are balanced. So that your future is even brighter than before.

We use world class techniques including Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis and Mental and Emotional Release™. We take the time and care to discuss the techniques with you and then choose the best strategy to make sure you get the skills to succeed. If you’re waiting for a sign to change, this is it. So your life will no longer be just bearable or tolerable, but amazing — all the time.


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