What our amazing clients have to share about how we change the meaning of life for them, in so many different ways:


"Had a session with James and it was fantastic I left feeling 100% better than when I went in, I would highly recommend booking in if your interested."

Matt Anderson - Adelaide, Australia


"I have been on holiday in Europe for the last 5 weeks. While I was away, I decided it was time to get healthy and have the body that will serve me without illness, as I was heading towards a life that would have had a lot of serious illness. Today I did a conversational hypnotherapy session with James Marciniak. All I can say is that transformation has happened. What was before is out of the way, and paved the way for me to move forward."

Paula Tresintsis, - Adelaide, Australia


"I would just like to take a moment to offer gratitude and the most sincere recommendation – of the services I receive from James and Robyn Marciniak of the Marciniak house. I recently had the joy of experiencing everything that NLP can offer by working with James and Robyn. In one session I had a lifetime of pain, sadness and negative attachments practically erased. I have an all new perspective on life. I cannot thank Marciniak House enough for their treatments. You saved my life and you will save many more."

Lauren Triplett Karisko - Pheonix, USA


"Greeting, I am perpetually grateful to the Marciniaks for gifting me their excellence of Mastery in coaching. Immediately my soul felt free. A freedom I have never known. Within minutes of your work with me, my life personally and professionally changed in – a positive way I could have not even have imagined. All of my goals, dreams and desires are being manifested, achieved & accelerating beyond my control – at a speed pulling me that I am just allowing myself to flow with it. It’s as if my unconscious mind is associating & reacting, reacting, reacting – achieving at a speed I beyond my conscious awareness… Thank you Robyn Marciniak & James Marciniak. I am eternally grateful."

Maria Elliott - Las Vegas, USA


"Hello James and Robyn, I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing journey you shared with me. First and foremost, you were born to do therapy and guide people through NLP, Hypnosis and life coaching. While I am trained and a therapist myself, I found I needed a bit of work on myself. You were amazing in helping me find my root causes for being stuck and releasing long-over-due negative beliefs, and toxic relationships. It is my intention to get myself to Australia to enjoy the full effect of the Marciniak House – and the incredible healing package you are offering. Thank you for helping me clear up the clutter. My mind is so much freer now. I am also sending blessings out to anyone in need of a great couple who are highly intuitive, sensitive and professional coaches. Cheers my friends. Thank you again."

Teresa Stout Mossinger, - Susanville, USA


"James did a session for me, it was an amazing experience and helped me to let go of many past issues. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. This was an experience I will never forget. Thank you James."

Vickie Turpin, - Pheonix, USA


"If true change is what you seek, this place and these people will help you achieve it. I have journeyed with James for quite some time now and after my session with him, was fully able to release those things that were no longer serving me and ultimately blocking me from moving forward. It’s an incredibly freeing thing to be unbound and unburdened. Thank you, James."

Angel R. Nicholson, - North Carolina, USA





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