The conspiring voices in your head

Published on October 10, 2015

You are never more alone than, when the voices in your head conspire against you.

I know of a client who listened to the conspiring voices for a long time years in fact, and those voices had personalities which were doubt, pessimism, worry, anger, sadness, depression, self worth. And this guy smoked like a train, ate poorly, never exercised and took time to entertain these voices in his head perhaps you have heard these voices yourself say things like "You'll never make it you know, you're not good enough, I just knew you wouldn't get that sale, and so on." What then would happen the guy would connect to each of these thought forms and entertain them such as "You're not good enough - yeah your right this happened and that happened I can prove and justify that I was never good enough... I'm sure you get the jist here. 
So this guy decided one day that he never wanted this in his life so he began doing things to change his life.

The greatest illness that mankind suffers from is fear. 
At this point I must define Fear and Danger: Fear is an unwarranted emotion that hinders you from having faith in yourself: abilities, education, intellect and positive emotions.
Danger is any life threatening situation where harm or damage to self and your reason for breathing.

The smartest man on the planet once talked about "Energy, Frequency & Vibration" Nicola Tesla, the more you allow and you do allow yourself to doubt and worry you have just accepted FEAR into your mind and body which changes your vibration, drops your energy, and you emit a lower frequency biologically.

For the most part people fear themselves and their greatest vision they have of magnificence of all they desire in life. Therefore the conspiring voices in your head.

Stop and breath its the hardest thing we do, yet we fail to do this correctly. As you breathe and breathe from your bottom of your lungs in and out for the count of 5. 
So stop thinking and before you come to your senses breathe, breathe like its the first and last time you have taken life into your lungs. That feeling you have now is called life, enjoy.

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