Robyn Marciniak 28th July 2017

I worry for the next generation about what they expect relationships are truly like. 
In today's world of social media and sharing so much with strangers on line I believe the younger generation
(18-30) believe relationships need to be work and over the top grand gestures of romance. With all the influence of movies and socialites it has been depicted a world where if you are not doing this for me you do not care enough about me. 

Movies are a great distraction on like where you can escape reality and for a brief period immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and disbelief. But this is a land of fantasy and in the real world relationships are more basic and as complicated you want to make them. 
Do not get me wrong a day of pampering and attention all focused on myself and my beloved is achievable, but expecting it to happen every day of your life is unrealistic. This is where the younger generation have it all backwards.

Romance for me is having a coffee brought to you in bed so you do not have to get up in the cold air in the morning. Being asked if there is anything you need because you have had a long day of work. Making your partner their favourite meal even though you would like something else. So romance is not the big gestures its about the little things that make your day a better day because you have people that truly love you in your life. 
If you want to change the perception of romance for those influenced by unrealistic realities, start showing others what you appreciate your loved ones doing for you.

All you need to do is...





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