The Spiritual Bypass

Published on May 1, 2016

"I have a problem it needs to be fixed therefore I am broken, there is something wrong with me therefore I am a problem and I need to be fixed." Repeat feedback loop.
So I will do something Spiritual to bypass my problems.

I have seen many times students/clients believing if they just do something spiritual like Reiki and the like that all their problems will disappear or they will become enlightened enough that their problem will no longer be a problem.
Additionally I thought that doing and being spiritual healing would make my problems less or negated.

Just like the picture you may think you can build a bypass around your problem and everything will be "Love and Light" and yet taking on board an attunement from a Reiki or other spiritual energies only makes your problem stick out more.

Few have said "I have a problem I need resolved" others have been "I'm looking to be more spiritual." Great answers yet if you are trying anyway to deceive yourself your higherself will always catch you out with your deception.

So before you dive in to take on something spiritual like becoming a Reiki master or Spiritual Practitioner ask yourself this,
"Am I willing to dive deep into myself knowing that when I come up for breath I will never be the same person again?""

You can try and hide from yourself and the problems that you have swept under the rug or buried deeply in a deep dark pit of your subconscious, your higherself will always know what you know showing you how to resolve it quickly and efficiently.

The spiritual path is not the easy way out. It is a very in depth life time commitment to yourself that cannot be ignored once ventured into. Changes are rapid and quick to resolve lifetime issues yet there is a consequence you must be willing at all times to look under the rug that hides all your woes to find your WOW.


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