The story you tell

Published on July 9, 2016

After two years of study of NLP and Hypnosis, (Robyn and I are both Trainers) there are two very small points that struck me about all of us as a collective human experience.

We love to tell our story and as adults we hold onto our life issues better than a three-year-old having a tantrum.

Initially, Robyn and I kept coming up against resistance of potential clients which we came to know as

"Who am I without my problem?" for example a smoker, an overweight person, someone who has a chronic back problem and so on. Without their story to tell they become disorientated and disconnected from their own model of the world. Who is the smoker without their model of the world around them? Friends, family who smoke, work life, socializing around surrounded by smoking.
Who is the person who has obesity without their model of the world around them? Friends and family who keep suggesting eat less or get some exercise, better yet we love you the way you are. It's the person you are inside that counts.
Who is the person without their chronic pain, illness or mental health issue model of the world around them? Doctors family and friends who only ever advocate taking pills you'll be all right, just sit and be calm, this is your lot in life do the best you can with it.

You would suggest at this time, "Oh they would be so much happier, healthier and enjoyable to be around" and you would be right. Sadly the story telling of the problem gains far more sympathizers than people speaking a truth "I love you for who you are, not the person who keeps telling the same old story."

The story about you and your issue/s becomes your anthem and the motivation to do nothing about it.

I am going to put forward two scenarios about two men both having lifetime issues about weight and smoking.

The first man smoked for 22 years married twice two children from each relationship owned his own business, the other a 40 year smoker married twice one child and a happy enough fellow.

The first man stopped telling his story about being a smoker, over-weight and a failure as a husband and a failed business owner. He realized that by telling the same story about life it was boring himself to death.
The second man kept telling his story and regularly took his insulin injections and visits to the doctor eventually retired and lived a so so life continuing to tell the same story.

I am certain you have heard of people talking about repeating patterns in life? By now I hope you are noticing that by continuing to tell the same old story about you, is the pattern.

What if right now you stop telling that old story of you and amazingly begin to tell a new one?

IF changing your mind is difficult for you why not begin to tell a new story in your mind about what you want to happen for you.


Do you want to be happy once again?
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Whatever that highest, truest expression of you is, it requires you
to say an unequivocal “YES!” and commit to bringing it forth.

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