Two words destroying your business

Published on May 23, 2016

I have been in retail and I recall that the most important part of the sale was the close to ensure repeat business.

I owned my own tyre business here in Australia I was trained by Bob Jane himself. During this training, he shared with us a story about how he became successful while selling GM vehicles in Victoria, Australia. With his success, he was flown to Detroit to spend a week with the executives of GM and to receive an award for outstanding sales and most awarded franchisee in Australia of a GM car yard.

Whilst sitting at the dinner table for lunch where the American Franchise, Hank of best sales for the year were dining the conversation went to Bob being asked how many cars he sold. So he proudly said “I have sold 130 cars at my dealership.”

Hank replied “Yes that is a lot we sold 150 cars at my dealership.

At this point Bob not to be outdone spoke up and said “Is that a month? How are you doing that and is that every month of the year?”

“A month! Heck no that's per year son.”

“Only per year? I sell 130 per month every month in cars new and used total.”

 Thinking that Bob Jane was boasting the Hank looked at the GM exec’s with that look of “Yeah right.”

Only to be told be general manager of GM “Yes, Bob is correct and no he is not boasting. His business sells 130 cars per month every month of the year. We have checked the figures and all sales receipts that correspond with his orders from the GM factory of new car orders. Then we have confirmed the number of used vehicles and new he has sold, which is 130 per month.”

Gob smacked the American looked at the Australian and said “How?”

 Bob looked at everyone on the table and explained “I sell cars to people from all over Australia and of course Victoria my hometown. The importance of selling isn’t selling a car, it’s finding out specifically what the customer wants and then over delivering.”

“What about price?” said Hank “Surely you do some skinny deals then?”

“We always maintain 35% margins even in the used car sales.”


“I am an avid student of Henry Ford and what I learned from him was to always give more in service, always sell the right car to the right person, I personally contact every customer within 7 days regardless of who sold it to them. So I ensure that they have been happy with our service and what more we could do for them with their next purchase with that I would love to see how I can help their neighbour or work colleague for a new car too.”

“I do all that too. What is your secret that you haven’t told me yet about your sales technique?”

 To which Bob looked him square and the eyes and said three words

“Rapport, rapport, rapport.”

Instead of saying "Take care" to your client 
"Pleasure to meet you, see you again soon."


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