Welcome to Marciniak House

Published on May 1, 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our 
Transformational Life Center and with that share about ourselves and how we facilitate change in your life by working with you towards a magnificent, dynamic you.

We have two facilitators here Robyn and James. Who both are Trainers in NLP, Hypnosis trainers, Time Line Therapy® Trainers and NLP Coaching Trainers.
Additionally we are of the few Trainers who also have a Diploma in NLP and Hypnosis.

What does that mean for you our client and student?
We are trusted experts and specialists in our field so that you have the most empowering experience that changes the meaning of life for you. We both have a strong value in research and development of the latest technology that facilitates change for you our client or student.

How do we facilitate change for you?
Robyn and James have both acknowledged that any kind of therapy or consulting relationship is never a "To Do Process" nor is it a "Do With Process"
We become that which you seek within yourself, the trance state that facilitates change within us. Change is something that happens so quick that so many people never notice that they have changed. How this happens is by becoming the change that you seek.

What if you changed?
What if you became what you envisioned?
What if you heard yourself saying those inspirational phrases that promoted you and your business?
What if you felt deep down that you really are that amazing person that others need to be around?

I have enjoyed this moment of your time right now, perhaps we should make a time to talk about you and your desires?
Now just take the next step to...




“Do you want POSITIVE changes in your life today
and needing dynamic results, we want to hear from you.”

Robyn and James your coaches to a better life

Robyn & James
We believe in you… You're like family to us!

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