What are you worth?

Published on January 11, 2016

It is truly amazing how many people have self worth issues and directly related to this confidence.

What are you worth in dollars and cents right now?

What figure did you say?
1,000 - One thousand
10,000 - Ten thousand
100,000 - One hundred thousand
1,000,000 - One million
10,000,000 - Ten million
100,000,000 - One hundred million

Anything less that one hundred million may indicate how much you truly value yourself.
How much would it cost for someone else to do your life for you if you were incapacitated?

How much has your life experiences been worth to you so far especially if you were selling it to me?

How little would you except for all that you are right now?

Picture this you get on your bathroom scales and instead of giving you your weigh it gives you your worth in dollars and what you truly are valuing yourself at. Each person on this planet has the value of $100,000,000 million in US dollars. 
The scales have a speech function that advise you on your daily worth. Every time you do something to improve yourself physically emotionally. mentally and spiritually it increases.
Every time you do anything to subtract from yourself worth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that $$$ value decrease dramatically.

But wait there is more!
When you subtract from anyone else's self worth you decrease your own value, triple.
These are the most advanced technological scales that everyone has in their bathroom that they will make you feel your worth. As your value goes up by how you speak to and of yourself, feel about yourself and think about yourself the VALUE of you goes up and up changing your energetic vibration.

Your job is not your worth
Your bank account is not your worth
Your possessions are not your worth
Your followers and friends on social media are not your worth..

You are worth a lot more than you have led yourself to accept.
You are worth one hundred million dollars in every experience you have ever had. 
You feel it that value inside of you now, that deep appreciation of your value to yourself and others. That is a majesty, embrace your true worth.
Your worth measured in $$$ is how rich you make people feel.
Are you feeling majestic right now so why not share that feeling around ensure that others feel majestic as well.

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