What Coaching really is

Published on September 26, 2015

A friend called me recently to get some help with a work situation that was driving her crazy. “Do you want advice or do you want me to coach you?” I asked.
“Aren’t they the same thing?” she replied.

No. They aren’t.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching or what you might know as Life, Business, Executive, or Leadership Coaching has been around for about 40 years now. Although many people understand generally what it is, there are still some misconceptions out there. 

So what’s the difference between counselling and getting coached?

The main difference is this: Never to give advice or opinions. No coach is smart enough or has the depth and breadth of knowledge to give perfect advice all the time. Truth is, most people never want advice. Even when the person being coached says “Tell me what you think I should do,” nobody really wants to be told what to do."

With a coach you will get results in your life and not a long drawn out problem that lingers for years. Solutions to goals. Strategies to old patterns. What goals do I need in my life?

What most people really benefit from is a conversation to determine what the goal really is for themselves. This can sometimes be the hardest thing to clarify. From there, they need a discussion about possibilities, obstacles, what options make the most sense, and what kind of support they need to accomplish the steps they have decided to take.

Advice is simply that. Any sentence that starts with “You should…,” “I would…,” or “Why don’t you…” is advice. And you can bet cold hard cash that in most cases, anything following those words will not be heard, heeded or acted upon.

The beauty of coaching is that it uncovers what people already know in their hearts & minds but maybe just needed a little digging to get to.

Giving advice is easy—in fact, I do it all day long for free. Coaching requires skill and practice, and that’s why people pay us for it here at Marciniak House.

For which we have a fantastic techniques to assist you, book a time for a private session of hypnosis, NLPMental & Emotional Release®, coaching and we will have you seeing you for whom you really are.


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