What is the true cost of compromise?

Published on August 16, 2016

When we are compromising, we are making room for something we don’t want or something that we are giving up to achieve our goal.

This can be a good thing…for example it can help two people in a relationship navigate two different views on life.

Compromising personal time to focus on achieving your goals is business.

However when you are compromising ALL THE TIME in ways that don't serve you, you are essentially saying that your values, goals and objectives are not as important as whatever you are allowing to take their place.

All the successful people I have studied were not known to be compromisers. They had a vision, they stuck to that vision. There was no room for “it won’t work” or “that’s a lot of work”.

In fact the thing they all compromised the most was the easy road. On the obvious time to give up. The time spent with naysayers. The time catching up on the newest tv show.

So while you might think you are being reasonable by compromising for someone…check in and ask yourself if you are in fact compromising out of fear or a lack of belief in your vision?

You could be paying a higher price for that compromise in the long run.

All you need to do is...





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