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We help individuals, couples and business owners grow into successful leaders. Our clients become
pillars of society throughout the world. Every person that comes through our doors is treated as
part of our family.


Show staff how to read clients feelings through their body posture, facial movements and words use to better access excitement in buying your products. Instruct your staff how to talk in the client’s language using patterns to build rapport easier. Enable staff to build rapport and connect with clients and put them at ease all out of the awareness of the client themselves.

Helping staff utilise conversations with clients to build better connections and loyalty of customers in ethical ways. Help sales staff write hypnotic sales scripts or add to enhance sales. Help business owners utilise staff so their values and ensure each employee is working towards the company goals. Also, to keep valued employees and have better insight into what makes them stay or go.

To utilise interviews with potential staff to ensure the positions are filled with the best person possible. Train your staff in the power of conversational sales.


From primary school to university and adult education. We show you how to easily study without anxiety utilising different techniques. Utilise tried and tested methods to learn and retain the information at hand. Learn how to place yourself in the best state to learn while in the classroom or home. Overcome dyslexia and other reading problems. Understand how it is that you learn information and get more from it. Enjoy Education and Learning.

Executive and Life Coaching

We know that there is many people around the world who is wanting something better than the standard system and process thinking. We enjoy telling our clients and students that there is no need to "tell your story" to us because we can resolve issues with out it, by workign with the "ROOT CAUSE" by context only.

When you’re hypnotized, you’re in a trance utilising NLP or Hypnosis. You’re experiencing an altered state of consciousness. But never let that phrase scare you. It just means you’ve shifted your focus away from the conscious everyday world and focused your thoughts inward instead. And because you’re not paying attention to the conscious world around you, your mind drifts off and you’re free to focus on a single idea. That’s what being in a trance is all about. It happens naturally when you’re totally engrossed in a film or an enjoyable book

Couples Coaching

We love to see couples grow in love and working together towards a family goal. We firmly believe that we have the edge on relationship counselling because we don't counsel we coach. We do this by working with your values, beliefs and environment. There is no such thing as a "BAD" relationship only poor strategies and misaligned values.

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We haven't met a client we haven't helped yet. There is no problem that cannot be resolved from within your own personal resources — your mind.


UNLOCK YOUR VALUE - We help people achieve real results in life, career and relationships. You’re only a few simple steps away from optimal wellbeing.


BUILD MOTIVATION - What would your life be like without any of those annoying things that hijack your motivation?


ACHIEVE GOALS - Everyone has goals that they want to work towards.
If you want to know the secret to making your goals happen, make the time to contact us, today.


Direct and focus - your life into the distant future more powerfully than vision boards and plans. The future isn't frightening when you have already created it the way you want.

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Whatever that highest, truest expression of you is, it requires you
to say an unequivocal “YES!” and commit to bringing it forth.

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