Why Depression and Anxiety
do not exist.

Published on October 13, 2015
Image: Nick Seluk’s Awkward Yeti series

You have been led to believe in the existence of two non existent emotional states and it is vital that you understand that they are emotions, not mental processes.

Whilst I did at one point believe in these so called mental states I researched for eight years on my own to find out some very intriguing information after battling with a system that had no answer or resolutions aside from pills and potions.

First as the famous Chinese master Lao Tzu put forward: the reason you are depressed is because your thoughts are in the past, the reason you suffer from anxiety is because your thoughts are in the future be here now fully present. Every thought you have is a Quantum particle and the more that you send into the past and future the less of you is here in the present. This takes your energy away from you leaving you drained and depleted.

Two you are a complex biological entity that medical science still has no correct concept of in the last two hundred years of how to classify correctly. With this ALL medical doctors in the Western World have had no more than 12 hours training on nutrition in the whole time training in college/university.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

Nutrition is more important than medication with depression and anxiety. Being hydrated is also very important.

Three your body was built to move and be outside under the sun, you need sun light to increase vitamin D. Also by moving more importantly you sweat, as you sweat you move toxins from your liver to the surface of your skin this is why you smell. Give your body/physiology the right nutrition, hydration and oxygenation daily. You would never put substandard fuel in your vehicle so why are you doing it to your body. If you want to enhance your growth and wellbeing consider that everything that you absorb is fuel and only the very best should be accepted into your being from thoughts to food to people. 

Four your values are what makes you, you. This is very similar to binary code. For every area of your life called: Love, Sex, Career, money, Friends, Family, entertainment, possessions, and so on you have a hierarchical
system of right and wrong for yourself. Should at any time any of these values be challenged you make a choice to allow or not to be taken for granted. 
Normality (VALUES) > concession > recession > Depression = 
a lesser normality.
Cycles again
Lesser Normality(VALUES)> concession > recession > Depression + Anxiety = even lesser normality. 
Cycles again
Lesser normality (VALUES)> ANXIETY = panic state of your future > Not focusing on what you want from your life.

When all you need to do is make a choice to respect your boundaries and say NO to what offends your values. It is not your role to please anyone but yourself, because this is how you fail at your life.

Five, by no means do I ever advocate "GET OVER IT!"
In fact one of the best ways to understand your emotions is to be in your body, dive deep and acknowledge your emotions. What you have labeled as depression and anxiety are warning signs from your body which is the store house of your unconscious mind/subconscious that you are pushing yourself far too much and need to find an alternative solution to you current dilemma. Take a different look at your life and ask your self this question "If I was the Fedex man looking at my life, what's the problem and how is it a problem?"

Six, breathe just really breathe. One repetitive task that we do over and over again unconsciously is breathing. Interestingly we are all doing this wrong in fact to the stage where 90% of all human beings are oxygen deprived to some extent. The majority of people are chest breathers in the top part of their lungs. So inhale a gut full of air, fill your stomach then your lungs and breathe in and out so that your stomach rises and falls. Additionally you are getting a core workout. You will find that you are now feeling a tad light headed so stop and and try again later. You will have the same feeling by breathing from your gut for five minutes as if you were to have a mile jog energized.

The last thing to mention is your environment, where you live, where you work, where you relax, where you sleep and so on.
If any of these environments are being encroached by disturbances then there will be stress. Never bring "WORK" into your peaceful environment and vice versa. Each environment has to have clear boundaries of what they do and its purpose for you to be in that area. 
Rest comes under the heading of environment stop using electrical devices in your sleep area such as smart phones, TV, laptops, tablets these are distractions. even the listen while you sleep self help audio devices.

Should these tips not be enough how about you book a time for a private session of hypnosis, NLP,

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