Why is it that therapies take so l o n g ?

Published on May 1, 2016

Why is it that therapies take so l o n g ?

Helping is a hindrance.
First you think you have a problem that needs to be FIXED.
Which creates a feedback loop in your Unconscious Mind which goes like this, 
"I have a problem it needs to be fixed therefore I am broken, there is something wrong with me therefore I am a problem and I need to be fixed." 
Repeat feedback loop.
There are NO unresourceful people only unresourceful states.

There is very little rapport between you and the therapist.
Especially if you have seen many over a long period of time which to your unconscious mind just becomes a string of "Advice" that has no practical help for you. The problem with "Advice" as such is that it is not your own and you solution hop till you find hopefully someone who has the correct tools and training to facilitate change in your life.
People are NOT their behaviours.

Root cause
Whilst you may believe that your current problem is current, the high probability is that your problem is only a symptom of the Root Cause. So what is the root cause of your issues? You will never be aware of it consciously if you were to know the problem. It has been repressed by your unconscious mind so tightly that it remains unresolved. Which shows up in your life as current issues of differing levels of intensity. So your therapist chases the symptoms and rarely goes after the Root Cause.

A stranger is the best friend
Ever stopped to consider why a hairdresser or bartender makes a better therapist, than a therapist?

They really do not care about your problem.
They never offer advice.
They never seek to know more about the problem.
Once you have unloaded the problem unto someone that is indifferent to your problem and you can tell it has no effect on them, your conscious mind finally gets the meaning.
A problem has no effect if no one cares about that problem.
A solution is always offered instead when you can step out of the problem and look at it from a differing Perceptual position.

Do you need to know more?






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