Your Shadow

The shadow is all that you think is NOT you. Fat, Thin, Healthy, Rich, Poor, Lazy, etc. Once you have fully defined who and what you are, by the very nature of the assumption of creation all that you are NOT also comes into existence.

The pain of a directionless and repetitive existence is often due to all the NOT me's in your life. Unfortunately when we come home, our world slows down and the quick pace gives way. That’s when our “stored trauma” tries to come to the surface, so we can deal with it and allow it to leave our system……in an emotional eruption equal to what we’ve been storing all these years.

The Shadow is everything that we do not accept as being in the self. "I would not do that. That is not me. I am not that way, Eg "I am totally against unkind behaviour, that's not me.' Look at a extremely obese person  and form the thought "That's not me." Or worse yet "I'm not smart, go ask someone else" all the while they have an incling for helping.  

For example

A lady I was talking to (who eats junk food/chips most nights) was offended because I hinted that she had to have unresolved issues (trauma), which needed to be dealt with because again our society has spun a very clever spider web to trap the public, making the population believe that negative emotion is a goblin, when it’s really a guardian. Everyone should be delighted when natural negative emotions seek them out because to sort through those will lay down a foundation of success for the future, as we learn to stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again. So the lady said aggressively “so you’re saying I have issues?“, which means in human language, “don’t come any closer, my negative emotions are just under the surface and I really don’t want to explore them right now……or ever.” She then added, “so you’re saying I don’t eat chips because I love chips?” And I said, “if you love foods that kill you, make you overweight and make you LESS on all levels……….don’t you think loving something like that is an issue all on its’ own? Wouldn’t loving your worst life qualify as an issue?”

And of course after that sort of truth was spoken, all hell broke loose because the Shadow hides these problems in the shadow and it will do anything possible to avoid looking in the mirror and growing. Most people want to be lied to. I can’t do that and it’s not productive to lie to people anyway, regardless of situation.

The ego is great at getting us to a certain point in our life but then it becomes stuck in patterns that no longer serve our continued evolution. This lady is stuck and unless she can thank her ego for its’ past service and release those dysfunctional coping mechanisms, she will stay stuck and die a very premature and painful death. A death that is quite common in North America unfortunately because everyone is traumatized to the nth degree, most people are highly sedated and the vast majority don’t want to undergo the natural progression of moving from child to adult……..which will always involve shining a light into our own darkness.


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